10067353 New Engine
Detailed Description

10067353 Brand New Goodwrench 350 Engine 1971-1985 Car and light Truck Replacement Engine


Free delivery in most of the tri-state area and reasonable freight to any state in the U.S.
This engine remains our most popular largest selling crate engine of all times.
This is a great entry-level replacement engine for older cars and trucks, and a great basic street rod engine. All of the parts in this engine are “Brand New”.
350 Cubic inches 4.00" Bore, 3.47" stroke
8.5:1 compression ratio.
250 HP @4300 rpm
350 ft. lbs of torque @ 3600 rpm
(These Numbers obtained with a Quadra jet Carb, 15/8" headers, and an Edelbrock Performer intake part # 2101)
Engine consists of the following parts:
Block -part # 10066034, casting # 10066036
2 piece rear main seal 4 bolt main
Crankshaft- part # 3932444
Nodular Iron 1985 and older flywheel bolt pattern.
Powdered Metal Connecting rods- Part # 10108688
Cast Aluminum Pistons- part#12514101
G.M. High Volume Pump Oil Pump- part # 12555284
Hydraulic Flat tappet Camshaft- Part#3863151
Intake Lift-.383" Exhaust Lift-.401"
Intake Duration @ .050"- 194 Exhaust Duration @ .050"- 202
Lobe Seperation-112
This cam Has a mechanical Fuel Pump Lobe.
This is a low end Torque oriented camshaft.
Cylinder Heads- part # 14034808, casting #33417369, 1.94" Intake valve, 1.50" Exhaust Valve, 76cc Combustion Chamber, 7 Bolt style Exhaust Flange Standard, 85' and prior intake manifold bolt pattern. Perimeter bolt style Valve Covers. This head is very similar to the old #882 castings from the 1970's
Will not work in 1986 and newer applications!
This engine includes Painted Valve Covers, oil pan and Timing Cover. This engine is drilled for both L.H. and R.H. dipsticks. Plugs Are included to plug the side not used. Two timing pointers are also included, a pointer for a 6" balancer and a pointer for an 8' balancer.  Balancer with 2:00 timing mark must be used with this engine in order for mark to line up with the pointer.
For most stock applications with HEI ignition, Base ignition timing should be set to 10 before top dead center (with vacuum advance disconnected) Total ignition timing should be around 36 @ 3000 rpm.
Spark plugs that should be used are AC Delco R45TS gapped at .045"
Oil filters used with this engine include PF25, PF35, PF1218, or PF35L. The first oil filter is a 1/2 Quart type; the last three are the 1-quart type.
Generally 10W30 or 10W40 oil is used in this engine.
Does Not Include the balancer, flywheel, intake, Exhaust, Ignition, or fuel parts.