2003-04 Chevrolet, GMC  Models  C, K, G

6.0 L (LQ4)

Part #89018180
Price: $3625.00 + $300 Core

2003- 04 Chevrolet, GMC C K2,3 (LQ 4) MW 3
2001- 04 Chevrolet, GMC C K1,2,3 (LQ 4) M T 1 (exc. KL5)
2003-04 Chevrolet, GM C K1 (LQ4) M 32
2003- 04 Chevrolet, GMC G2,3 (LQ 4) M T 1 (exc. KL5)
2003- 04 Hummer N 257 (LQ4) M 32, NC1, NT9

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