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Motorcraft® remanufactured diesel engines are the only ones designed, engineered and recommended by Ford Motor Company. In fact, they use the same state-of-the-art testing methods and equipment used in building and testing new engines.



  • Nationwide warranty covering parts and labor backed by Ford Motor Company
  • Competitive 24-Month (unlimited mileage) warranty for complete engine long block assemblies
  • 12-Month (unlimited mileage) warranty for stripped long blocks and short block assemblies
  • No fault core policy ensures you get 100% core credit with no hassle  

Here are more reasons why remanufactured engines from Motorcraft® stand for quality:

  • - The only Ford Motor Company-approved diesel engines for 1983 to current E- and F-Series trucks up to 750 Series
  • - Every engine receives
    • New Original Equipment (O.E.) pistons
    • Plasma piston rings
    • A 3-step diamond plateau cylinder honing to prevent premature ring wear and associated high oil consumption
    • All crankshaft repairs meet or exceed Ford Motor Company specs for new crankshafts
  • - Cylinder heads are never welded to make a repair in the combustion chamber
  • - Heads that don't meet O.E. standards are replaced with new heads from the O.E. foundry
  • - Only new oil cooler bundles are used
  • - Every remanufactured head receives 100% advanced metallurgical valve guides
  • - Every cylinder head receives 100% induction-hardened valve seats
  • - All critical replacement parts are approved by Ford Motor Company engineering and the O.E. manufacturer
  • - Remanufactured at QS-1 and QS-9000 registered suppliers
  • - Process Validation Testing


Remanufactured diesel engines from Motorcraft® include:

  • - Short Blocks
    Including block, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rods, timing gears, lifters, new pistons and rings and new bearings (rod, main and cam).
  • - Long Blocks
    Including every part in the short block plus complete head assemblies, push rods, front and rear covers, gaskets, oil pump.
  • Injection pumps and/or turbocharges are not included.